Published: Građevinar 73 (2021) 3
Paper type: Scientific research paper
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Geopolymer binder for pervious concrete

Elango Krishnan Soundararajan, Revathi Vaiyapuri


Construction of pervious concrete (PC) pavements is an exclusive and efficient measure for solving environmental problems while also contributing to sustainability. Pervious concrete enables rainwater to percolate into soil thus reducing the storm water runoff and assisting in ground water recharge. It is used for the construction of pedestrian pathways, parking lots, and in various other applications. During the research, the content of coarse aggregate grains in geopolymer binder was varied in order to investigate pervious concrete properties. It was established that pervious concrete with geopolymer binder containing fly ash meets requirements set in regulations, and that it can be used for sustainable pavement construction.

pervious concrete, macrostructure, cohesion, geopolymer, binder, fly ash


Krishnan Soundararajan, E., Vaiyapuri, R.: Geopolymer binder for pervious concrete, GRAĐEVINAR, 73 (2021) 3, pp. 209-218, doi:


Krishnan Soundararajan, E., Vaiyapuri, R. (2021). Geopolymer binder for pervious concrete, GRAĐEVINAR, 73 (3), 209-218, doi:


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Elango Krishnan Soundararajan
KPR Institute of Engineering and technology; India
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Revathi Vaiyapuri
K.S.R. College of Engineering, India
Department of Civil Engineering