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1134-2014 Permeability properties of lightweight self consolidating concrete using coconut shell as coarse aggregate
1154-2014 Depth Reduction Factor (rd) Assessment for Evaluation of Cyclic Stress Ratio Based on Site Response Analysis (Case Study of Babol)
1187-2014 Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Pressures over Simple Flip Bucket
1230-2015 Measurement of Steel-Concrete Bond Strain Using Two-Dimensional Digital Image Technique
1285-2015 Assessing the Residual Value of Heavy Construction Equipment Depending on the Age of the Machine
1315-2015 Application of constant ductility approach to evaluate strength reduction and FEMA440 C1 factors
1375-2015 Waste management applications for e-plastic waste in bituminous pavements
1488-2015 Development of a roughness estimation model for low volume roads
1529-2015 Assessment of active and passive confinement’s influence on flexural behaviour of CFST beams
1540-2015 Comparative Study of Different Smeared Crack Models for Concrete Dam
1545-2015 Scale-Specific Modeling of Reference Evapotranspiration Based on MEMD
1573-2016 Near-Fault Ground Motion Pulse Effects on the Dynamic Behavior of Concrete Gravity Dam-Reservoir-Foundation Systems using Different Water Modelling Approaches
1589-2016 The possibility of the use of bottom ash in concrete precast products
1606-2016 Laboratory Studies into Hydraulic Coefficient in Curved Planform labyrinth weir and Piano Key Weir
1626-2016 Pile groups subjected to abrupt collapse of retaining structure
1655-2016 Behavior of 3D RC Frames Placed Different Angles (Biaxial) on the Shaking Table
1691-2016 Dissipation of Mechanical Energy Over Spillway Through Counter Flow
1670-2016 Effects of point loads on membrane structures
1678-2016 Effect of fly ash-based geopolymer coated aggregates in bituminous concrete
1774-2016 Periods and mode shapes for common RC frame buildings
1821-2016 Seismic response of RCC dams considering reservoir effects; comparative investigation
1871-2016 The influence of lime powder on the behavior of clay soil
1945-2016 Physical-mechanical properties of concrete mixtures for construction of pavements at bus stations
1948-2016 Study of Traffic flow at Work Zones with the aid of Simulation
1951-2016 Groundwater Vulnerability Mapping Using Modified DRASTIC ANP
1961-2016 Ranking of conceptual locations for a park-and-ride parking lot near a city bypass by applying the EDAS method
2017-2017 Effect of Roughness on Sequent depth in Hydraulic Jumps    Over Rough Bed
2050-2017 Numerical and analytical model for serviceability limit states of RC elements
2067-2017 Analiza mjernih podataka Vehicle Track Interaction Monitor (V/TI Monitor) sustava
2071-2017 Križno lamelirano drvo (CLT) - pregled stanja područja
2093-2017 Mjerodavni vodostaji za dimenzioniranje hidrotehničkih nasipa i nasutih brana
2136-2017 Optimizing Thermal Comfort and Energy Performance of An Office Building in A Cost Effective Manner
2137-2017 Using Full Bridge Model to develop Analytical Fragility Curves for Typical Concrete Bridge Piers in Algeria
2160-2017 Hydraulic-hydrology synthesis of Golubinka spring discharge hydrograph
2161-2017 Evaluation of groundwater contamination in the area of former military airport
2163-2017 Methodology for development of the hydrological model in small catchment
2164-2017 Management of sewage sludge - new insight into valorisation as supplementary cementitious material
2165-2017 Applications of nanotechnology in wastewater treatment
2166-2017 Preparation of EU financed wastewater collection and treatment projects in croatia with regard to difficulties in project application
2167-2017 Island of Cres water resources carrying capacity assessment
2171-2017 Integrated computational model for Sea Organ simulation
2173-2017 Joint probability analysis of flood hazard on river confluences using bivariate copulas
2174-2017 Performance tests and evaluation of a hydro power plant with a double rotating hydropower screw