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1134-2014 Permeability properties of lightweight self consolidating concrete using coconut shell as coarse aggregate
1154-2014 Depth Reduction Factor (rd) Assessment for Evaluation of Cyclic Stress Ratio Based on Site Response Analysis (Case Study of Babol)
1187-2014 Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Pressures over Simple Flip Bucket
1230-2015 Measurement of Steel-Concrete Bond Strain Using Two-Dimensional Digital Image Technique
1241-2015 Vuppor as an Pore-forming Agent in the Manufacture of Therm Bricks
Application of constant ductility approach to evaluate strength reduction and FEMA440 C1 factors

Durability of self compacting concrete with bagasse ash and rice husk ash as cement replacement 

Scale-Specific Modeling of Reference Evapotranspiration Based on MEMD
1554-2016 The slip resistance of floorings: methods, requirements, and some case studies
Assessment of liquefaction potential of soils using field tests-based methods: case study  
Near-Fault Ground Motion Pulse Effects on the Dynamic Behavior of Concrete Gravity Dam-Reservoir-Foundation Systems using Different Water Modelling Approaches
1821-2016 Seismic response of RCC dams considering reservoir effects; comparative investigation
1871-2016 The impacts of different percentages of lime powder in the modified clay soils performance and determine the lime optimum percentage in the increase of its engineering parameters
1887-2016 Rheology, workability and particle packing relationship of self-consolidating concrete containing mineral and chemical admixtures
2027-2017 The effect of crest shape on discharge coefficient in linear weirs
2244-2017 Basic mechanical properties research of recycled concrete with different mixed recycled coarse aggregates
2311-2017 Evaluating the Conventional Pushover Procedures for Estimating the Seismic Demand of Elliptic Braced Moment Resisting Frames 
2391-2018 Bauxite Residue: A viable filler for asphalt mix 
2415-2018 Metering Inaccuracies As A Source Of Water Losses
2742-2019 Design Method and Engineering Application of Shear Wall with Friction Energy Dissipation Damper
2763-2019 Pedestrian bridges as elements of the new spatial identity  of the cities 
2770-2019 Seismic Behavior of Composite Shear Wall with Steel Reinforced Concrete Frame and Embedded Perforated-Steel Plate
2814-2019 Numerical investigation of the seismic behavior of railway embankment in cold regions
2823-2019 The Dynamic Identification of Three 19th Century Churches in Turkey
2844-2019 Experimental evaluation of load transfer efficiency of non-dowelled concrete pavements
2898-2020 Influence of Near-fault Characteristics on the Inelastic Response of Multi-storey Building with Intensity Measurement Investigation
2903-2020 Mathematical modelling of flow and sediment transport – the Tisa dam case study
2911-2020 Optimum Design of Timber Structures under Fire using Metaheuristic Algorithm
2962-2020 Progressive Collapse Scenario in Steel Structures with Irregularity in Height
2999-2020 Applying the DEMATEL Approach to Identify and Rank the Factors Affecting the Building Assessment Based on Repair and Maintenance
3013-2020 A Simple Formulation for Early-Stage Cost Estimation of Buildings Construction Projects
3032-2020 Structural Health Monitoring of Beams with Moving Oscillator: Theory and Laboratory
3038-2020 Electro-welded lattice reinforcement in reinforced concrete ribbed slabs
3087-2020 Quasi-static tests on RC building columns strengthened with CFRP
3101-2021 Evaluation of Masonry Buildings and Mosques after Sivrice Earthquake
3185-2021 Procjena oštećenja na vodoopskrbnim mrežama uslijed seizmičkih događaja primjenom funkcija ranjivosti
3190-2021 Study on RC Specimens Subjected to High Temperature and Strengthened with Different Techniques
3234-2021 Bridge Failures, Forensic Structural Engineering and Guidelines for Design of Robust Structures