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2027-2017 The effect of crest shape on discharge coefficient in linear weirs
2244-2017 Basic mechanical properties research of recycled concrete with different mixed recycled coarse aggregates
2311-2017 Evaluating the Conventional Pushover Procedures for Estimating the Seismic Demand of Elliptic Braced Moment Resisting Frames 
2391-2018 Bauxite Residue: A viable filler for asphalt mix 
2472-2018 Early-age behaviour on structural design of sustainable thinner concrete slabs
3027-2020 Examination of masonry arch bridge’s life-cycle assessment under far-fault earthquakes
3065-2020 Innovative method for incremental dynamic analysis curves in semi-isolated bridges
3128-2020 Assessment of Fragility Curve for Steel Frame Construction Under Different Earthquakes
3136-2020 Collapse Evaluation Method Based on Dynamic Increase Factor of Steel Frame
3179-2021 Post-occupancy evaluation in indoor comfort conditions for green office buildings
3190-2021 Study on RC Specimens Subjected to High Temperature and Strengthened with Different Techniques
3276-2021 Numerical Modelling of Floating Structure with Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian Technique
3291-2021 A Critical Assessment of Nano Titanium Dioxide on Concrete Properties
3332-2021 Sustainable Housing Strategies: A Quantitative Analysis of the Potential Increase in the Housing Energy Performance in Turkey using a Translation of the Building Standards of Austria
3337-2021 Effect of Soil Stabilization on Design of Conventional and Perpetual Pavement in India
3356-2021 Statistical investigation on plastic waste recycling by reusing in soil: an environmental issue

Vertical greenery system: a model for improving energy efficiency of buildings

3373-2021 Experimental study on freezing resistance of permeable concrete mixed with vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer emulsion and basalt fiber
3382-2021 Mechanical and Radiation Attenuation Properties of Conventional-Heavy Concrete with Diverse Aggregates and Water/ Cement Ratios
3398-2021 Influence of railway induced vibrations on structures and humans in urban areas
3415-2021 Investigation of the effectiveness of nature-inspired buttress forms in supporting masonry structures
3424-2021 Construction project management activity in the Republic of Croatia: analysis of the current situation
3431-2021 Experimental investigation on glass fibre reinforced ultra-high strength concrete with silica fume
3436-2021 Determining The Regional Disaster Risk Analysis Of The Buildings In Erzincan
3437-2021 Dynamic behavior of prestressed concrete beams considering moving loads
3462-2022 Durability Study on Ambient Cured Geopolymer Concrete Made With Various Molarities of NaOH
3465-2022 Experimental Investigation on the Behaviour of Cellular Foam Lightweight Concrete Blocks
3504-2022 Effect of Tightening Zone Length of Reinforced Concrete Beams on Beam Capacity
3515-2022 Analysis of critical air velocity in a road tunnel fire