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1134-2014 Permeability properties of lightweight self consolidating concrete using coconut shell as coarse aggregate
1154-2014 Depth Reduction Factor (rd) Assessment for Evaluation of Cyclic Stress Ratio Based on Site Response Analysis (Case Study of Babol)
1187-2014 Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Pressures over Simple Flip Bucket
1221-2015 China Clay Industrial Waste in Concrete
1230-2015 Measurement of Steel-Concrete Bond Strain Using Two-Dimensional Digital Image Technique
1242-2015 Loss Estimation For Bitlis Province In Lake Van Basin
1285-2015 Assessing the Residual Value of Heavy Construction Equipment Depending on the Age of the Machine
1315-2015 Application of constant ductility approach to evaluate strength reduction and FEMA440 C1 factors
1375-2015 Waste management applications for e-plastic waste in bituminous pavements
1427-2015 Fatigue Behaviour of Concrete Containing Waste Tire Crumb Rubber
1476-2015 Experimental Study of Grouted Sleeve Lapping Connector under Tensile Load
1487-2015 Reliability assessment of water distribution network using informational entropy considering mechanical/hydraulic characteristics and failure probabilities of links
1538-2015 Regression model for predicting the productivity of concreting process of reinforced concrete slabs
1540-2015 Comparative Study of Different Smeared Crack Models for Concrete Dam
1545-2015 Scale-Specific Modeling of Reference Evapotranspiration Based on MEMD
1553-2016 Effect of sleeve length on deformation properties of grouted splices
1556-2016 Different approaches for 2-D flow modeling in natural watercourses
1557-2016 Non-linear analysis of reinforced concrete slabs under impact effect
1573-2016 Near-Fault Ground Motion Pulse Effects on the Dynamic Behavior of Concrete Gravity Dam-Reservoir-Foundation Systems using Different Water Modelling Approaches
1589-2016 The possibility of the use of bottom ash in concrete precast products
1591-2016 Investigation of GFRP strengthened RC columns under eccentric loading
1612-2016 Safety assessment of a railway stone arch bridge by dynamic load testing and numerical modeling
1647-2016 Značaj prethodnih taložnika na SBR uređajima s drugim stupnjem pročišćavanja
1659-2016 Layered finite elements in the estimation of composite structures under long term effect
1665-2016 An Alternative Solution Method Proposed For Buckling Analysis of Laminated Composite Beams
1670-2016 Effects of point loads on membrane structures
1683-2016 Excess pore pressure generation and post-cyclic loading settlement of geofiber-reinforced sand
1684-2016 The Evaluation for the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Asphalt Treated with Mortar
1701-2016 Shear connection with groups of headed studs
1707-2016 Numerical Analysis of RC Wall with Opening Strengthened by CFRP Subjected to Eccentric Loads
1723-2016 Istraživanje važnosti ključnih faktora kvalitete kod upravljanja projektima gradnje
1774-2016 Periods and mode shapes for common RC frame buildings
1776-2016 The need and benefit of slab track: case of Lithuania
1796-2016 Comparison in terms of delays in the construction contracts used in Turkey
1799-2016 Analysis of Ferrocement RC Composite with ANSYS
1821-2016 Seismic response of RCC dams considering reservoir effects; comparative investigation
1860-2016 Fizičko-mehanička svojstva elektrofilterskog pepela za izradu cesta
1864-2016 Effect of Incinerated Paper Sludge Ash on Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete
1874-2016 Financial and socio-economic analysis of major investment projects
1916-2016 Optimizacija ukrućenih tlačnih pojasnica u sandučastom presjeku mosta
1926-2016 Direktan postupak za određivanje slijeganja plitkih temelja
1943-2016 Numerička simulacija djelovanja eksplozije na nadvožnjake
1945-2016 Physical-mechanical properties of concrete mixtures for construction of pavements at bus stations
1948-2016 Study of Traffic flow at Work Zones with the aid of Simulation
1989-2016 Analiza primjenjivosti empirijskih modela za opis karakteristika polja dina