Published: Građevinar 72 (2020) 8
Paper type: Subject review
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How to achieve Nearly zero-energy buildings standard

Bojan Milovanović, Marina Bagarić


The implementation of the Nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB) standard has enabled significant developments in the design and realisation of external building envelopes, which have the greatest influence on the quality of buildings in the sense of energy efficiency. Experience has shown that prerequisites for good-quality realisation of works mainly include competent and motivated workforce, appropriate equipment, and good communication between all participants in construction. Basic principles of architectural and civil engineering design and realisation of NZEB projects are presented, and problems occurring and possibly resulting in construction damage are presented in the paper.

Nearly zero-energy building, NZEB, energy efficiency, external building envelope, thermal bridges, airtightness, infrared thermography


Milovanović, B., Bagarić, M.: How to achieve Nearly zero-energy buildings standard, GRAĐEVINAR, 72 (2020) 8, pp. 703-720, doi:


Milovanović, B., Bagarić, M. (2020). How to achieve Nearly zero-energy buildings standard, GRAĐEVINAR, 72 (8), 703-720, doi:


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