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Published: Građevinar 65 (2013) 2
Paper type: Professional paper
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Construction costs of tunnel form buildings

Mehmet Emin Tuna, Zeynep Yeşim İLERİSOY


A residential building with a lateral load resisting system, adopted as a reference example, is considered in the paper. The system is made of shear walls realized using the tunnel form technology. The building is modelled for a varying number of floors, and the model is also used to consider the applicability of the technology with regard to construction costs. The influence of the type of soil on construction costs is also considered. The results obtain show that mistakes made in determining the soil class may lead to inadequate decisions during selection of the most favourable number of floors, and in the design of structural elements and foundations of buildings.

construction costs; number of floors; tunnel form technology; shear wall system; type of soil


Tuna, M. E., İLERİSOY, Z. Y.: Construction costs of tunnel form buildings , GRAĐEVINAR, 65 (2013) 2, doi:


Tuna, M. E., İLERİSOY, Z. Y. (2013). Construction costs of tunnel form buildings , GRAĐEVINAR, 65 (2), doi:


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Mehmet WEB
Mehmet Emin Tuna
Karabük University in Karabük, Turkey
Department of Architecture
Zeynep Yeşim İLERİSOY3
Zeynep Yeşim İLERİSOY
Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey
Department of Architecture