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Published: Građevinar 65 (2013) 3
Paper type: Professional paper
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Analysis of cracking on running surface of rails

Vlatko Radović, Zdenka Popović


The problem of cracking at the rolling surface of rails is considered in the paper. This damage to the rolling surface of rails, known as "squat", may lead to disintegration of rail head in the length of 1 m or more. In the scope of this research, a detailed visual control of rail damage at the Vrbnica – Bar Section of the Montenegrin railway network was conducted in order to alleviate danger of rolling contact fatigue cracking in rails. Results obtained can be used as basis for preparation of technical regulations for railway track maintenance along the Montenegrin railway network.

rail damage, wheel and rail interaction, fatigue of material, rail cracking


Radović, V., Popović, Z.: Analysis of cracking on running surface of rails, GRAĐEVINAR, 65 (2013) 3, pp. 251-259, doi:


Radović, V., Popović, Z. (2013). Analysis of cracking on running surface of rails, GRAĐEVINAR, 65 (3), 251-259, doi:


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Radović Vlatko WEB
Vlatko Radović
University of Montenegro
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Popović Zdenka WEB
Zdenka Popović
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Civil Engineering