Published: Građevinar 66 (2014) 8
Paper type: Professional paper
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New directions in the design of railways stations

Milena Stevanović, Ksenija Stevanovic


Sustainable development of traffic and cities, integration of transport modes, and the renaissance of railway traffic, have led to construction of a great number of railway stations/terminals over the past decades. These multi-modal traffic interchanges, based on advanced concepts and properly integrated in urban matrices, are becoming new focal points of urban development. Recent positive experience in the construction of significant railway stations is presented from the standpoint of urban development. Results obtained during analysis of the Belgrade railway station, which is based on the proposed morphological concept, can be used as guidelines for development of other significant railway stations in urban areas.

railway stations, morphological concept, throughway type railway stations, integration in urban matrix


Stevanović, M. ., Stevanovic, K.: New directions in the design of railways stations, GRAĐEVINAR, 66 (2014) 8, pp. 739-747, doi:


Stevanović, M. ., Stevanovic, K. (2014). New directions in the design of railways stations, GRAĐEVINAR, 66 (8), 739-747, doi:


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Milena Stevanovic
Milena Stevanović
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Ksenija Stevanovic
University of Belgrad
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